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Oracle Business Applications Consultancy

Cloud Business Applications Installation Consultancy

Cloud computing is the medium where applications and platforms are transformed to in today’s world and Oracle offers all the possibilities provided by Oracle e-Business Suit in enterprise business applications also in the Oracle, Software as a Service (SaaS) product family. Partnera has been investing in this process which evolved into cloud computing since the very first day and making the team of consultants more competent in the area.

Partnera, having the status of an elite partner of Oracle’s with its Saas projects conducted in Turkey, is the only Oracle business partner that localized the Saas products in Turkey with products including e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive and e-Waybill, etc.

Oracle e-Business Suite Installation Consultancy

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have been used for ages by businesses that reached a certain size in order to monitor their processes that get more and more complicated on a single system. Oracle e-Business Suite is one of the top two ERP products worldwide. It has been used for years by Turkey’s and globe’s leading companies.


Partnera launched many projects with its experienced team of consultants in the most important modules and their submodules of Oracle e-Business Suite product family on human resources, finance, accounting, warehouse management, advanced logistics solutions, manufacturing, purchasing, sales, etc. In addition to these fundamental functions, businesses require customization, personalization, and integration to the outside world for their specific needs. Partnera technical consultancy team has carried out numerous customizations, personalizations and integrations with its vast experience with application development platforms including Oracle Forms, Reports, WebLogic, and OAF.

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